• We celebrate the wonder of childhood.
  • Our childcare centre emanates joy and hope through our work and relationships.


  • We believe the importance of developing good relationships based on the foundation of trust and respect.
  • When we honour children through loving, respectful and nurturing relationships, children will explore their capacities as friends, problem solvers and critical thinkers. They will become kind, compassionate members of society. 


  • We support children by providing opportunities where they can try, make mistakes, succeed and be proud of their achievements.
  • We prepare children through the opportunity to be heard, seed and believed. They have the freedom to safely express, explore, combine and extend what the have learned and engaged in to develop individual interests, talents and ongoing abilities. 


  • We believe children are active, curious, and capable individuals that learn best through play.
  • Play provides children with opportunities to explore, to have various experiences and be creative.
  • We recognize that our natural surroundings are great resources for learning. We see nature as a wonderful place for all to explore. Our hope is for all to understand that we have an important role in caring for our world.


  • We believe in the value of effective communicators who:
  • Recognize the value of personal opinions and those of others.
  • Provide choices to enhance collaborative decision making.
  • Communicate in a direct, honest manner with diplomacy and tact.
  • Are proactive, assertive and action-oriented.


In light of the opportunity that we have been given to work alongside the children, families and colleagues at Gateway Children's Centre, we take responsibility to commit to excellence in early learning and care.

  • We achieve this by promoting and nurturing the growth and development of each child by embracing innovation and change.
  • We are responsibility and committed for person and professional growth within Gateway Children's Centre and the early childhood community at large.
  • We are responsible to advocate for families and children in the broader community.


  • We adhere to the Early Childhood Educators of BC Code of Ethics.
  • In all our interactions, we display accountability and integrity with the best interests of the children as our guide. Therefore, we strive for an ethical, open, direct and honest community. 


  • We see children as competent and capable individuals deserving of respect. We acknowledge their feelings, see things from their perspective and provide settings that are nurturing and supportive.
  • We respect the diversity of beliefs, cultural practices and draw on families' strengths and knowledge.
  • We see staff as professionals who make decisions that are ethical, responsible and always in the best interests of the children.


  • We want to serve and support our community through adopting an ethos of compassion and intentionally applying it.