30 Months to 5 Years
  • A beautiful, inviting, stimulating environment containing various centres - art, science, math, dramatic play, language and literacy, library and a cozy corner for relaxation! Joyful and meaningful learning experiences in an unhurried day with warm and skilled Educators who connect with each child.

  • Our Educators use the idea of emergent curriculum - activities and experiences are planned and presented according to the interests and needs of the children. Our Educators use BC's Early Learning Framework as a foundation for best practices. 

  • Independence, self-help, conflict resolution, enthusiasm for learning, confidence, empathy, decision-making, inclusions, and a sense of community are all valuable life skills that are nurtured at our centre. These skills will support your child with the social, emotional and academic challenges of elementary education. 

  • Outdoor play is values and happens throughout the day. We have 3 large play spaces with over 5000 square feet on site.

  • Connecting with Seniors - Throughout the month, children will have seniors from Gateway City Church come to play! Storytelling, cooking, gardening, music and other activities will be enjoyed.

Why Play Matters